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Serena Bates
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Height: 6'1”
Weight: 240lbs
From: Ottawa, Canada.
Finisher: Overturn (450 Splash)
Bio: If you listen to Alex Kingston he would have you believe he's a national hero in his home of Canada, and that Canada Day is the holiday named in his honour. Kingston believes that he is The Original Original and that his work is on par with Monet or Van Gough; priceless. Although he may not quite be the pride of Canada he believes thanks to his arrogant attitude, Kingston is a highly skilled athlete with a lot to offer HWE.

Alistair Finlay
Height: 5'11”
Weight: 264lbs
From: Dublin, Ireland
Finisher: Spinning sit-out powerbomb
Bio: Alistair Finlay breaks all stereotypes. Though his mother was Scottish, you won't find Finlay wearing kilts, and his father may have been Irish but Alistair prides himself on a straight-edge lifestyle, going so far as to banish caffeine from his diet. Finlay began his athletic career in school, as a stand-out rugby player in Ireland, Finlay could have made it to the big time. However, he enjoyed being a lot rougher than even the sport of rugby will allow and so he followed a path into the wrestling industry.  

“The Italian Bull” Antonio Rizzo
Height: 6'3”
Weight: 236lbs
From: Florence, Italy
Finisher: Rizzo Rocker (stunner)
Bio: Some people are lovers and some are fighters. Antonio Rizzo is both. The Italian Bull, as he's been nicknamed, is one of those men who can charm almost any female he meets and defeat almost any male he's put in the ring with. A proud native of Florence, Italy, Rizzo brings some of the elegance of his homeland into his arsenal with beautifully crafted wrestling moves that hurt like hell.

Ashley Karns
Height: 5'0"
From: St. Louis, Missouri
Finisher: Kardinal Sin (diving leg drop)
Bio: Though she may be HWE's smallest female, she may just have the biggest ego. From a small town in Missouri, Ashley Karns has always believed she is above everybody she meets. Wrestling is no different. Although many claim to be the Queen of the ring, Karns truly believes they are all pretenders to the throne and it's her and her alone who wears the crown. Inspired by Hulk Hogan, Karns' signature move, Kardinal Sin, is a leg drop. But always one to go bigger - even than her idol - she performs hers from the top rope. 

Height: 6'0”
Weight: 239lbs
From: Los Angeles, California
Finisher: HiJax (spear)
Associates: Pierre (Servant)
Bio: Born to a wealthy family in California, his father a high-flier in the oil industry, his mother a surgeon, Jax has been raised with a proverbial silver spoon in his mouth and a penchant for punching people in the face. Jax believes he is a gift to not only the wrestling industry but to HWE, with sources reporting that Jax's contract is one of the largest in the company. 

Height: 5'12”
Weight: 225lbs
From: Hollywood, Florida
Finisher: Hunters Curse (figure-four leg lock), Pedigree
Accomplishments: HWE Champion (1st ever, 1 time)
Bio: He's called The Hunter for a reason. Chris Jackson may just be the most brutal competitor to come along in a generation. Guided by his self-penned “Hunter's Gospel: A Code of Conduct of Life and Combat”, Jackson's mission in HWE is very simple: inflict pain and win championships.

 Height: 6'2”
Weight: 265lbs
From: Queens, New York
Finishing Move: Corey Cutter
Bio: Nobody can accuse Corey Chambers of having an easy life. Chambers left a rough homelife at the age of 16. Angry at the world and living on the streets of Queens, Chambers found professional wrestling. In fact, he credits wrestling with 'saving his life' and preventing him from his two most likely options at the time: prison or death. With his infamous Corey Cutter at his disposal, Chambers has found success everywhere he's gone. And now, he brings high expectations and a lot of talent with him to HWE. 

Height: 6'4”
Weight: 259lbs
From: Detroit, Michigan
Finisher: The Cleanser (Olympic Slam)
Bio: To watch Deelon Smith inflicting pain upon his opponents, you wouldn't know he once had his sights set on becoming a doctor. However, those ambitions changed when he fell into the professional wrestling business and found a love for kicking ass. Smith thinks very highly of himself, and is the founder of the Cult of Deelon, where he encourages his followers to worship at his feet. 

(Ethan Gage-Perez)
Height: 5'12”
Weight: 210lbs 
From: Norman, Oklahoma
Finisher: Superkick
Bio: Ethan Gage-Perez, or EGP as he's nicknamed, could be the best technical wrestler active today. Perez has spent a decade honing his craft up and down the country and looks ahead to a bigger challenge in HWE. When asked how he'd like to be remembered, Perez remarked: “With the best of the best.”

Gafur Maari
Height: 6'4”
Weight: 232lbs
From: New Delhi, India
Finisher: Sharpshooter
Bio: Gafur Maari probably wouldn't like us to say this, but he is one of the most respectful pro-wrestlers in the world. Not that he's any slouch in the ring, but Maari holds himself to a high standard when it comes to principals. It informs everything he does, and his disciplined way of thinking has so far garnered him a lot of success in wrestling. Now, he hopes to continue that in HWE.

Height: 6'4”
Weight: 300lbs
From: Ofu County, Samoa
Finisher: Samoan Nightmare (chokebomb)
Associates: Jimmy Cash (manager)
Bio: It's hard to imagine something as terrifying as Jaleel coming from somewhere as beautiful as Samoa. Jaleel is, for all intense and purposes, an animal. He's not your stereotypical Samoan brute, stocky with a bit of a gut. Jaleel is all muscle and at 300 pounds can move with the quickest in any ring. As his manager, Jimmy Cash will tell you: “You don't sign up to fight Jaleel. You sign up to be mauled by Jaleel. That's why they call him that."

Height: 6'0”
Weight: 228lbs
From: Fort Bend, Texas
Finisher: Scream For Me (camel clutch)
Bio: Joey Moss is a small-town boy with big ambitions. Raised in a strict Christian household in Texas, Moss was captivated by wrestling at an early age. After graduating college, he went to wrestling school and became a pro within eighteen months. Ever since, Moss has been chasing his ultimate dream – to make a name for himself on a large stage. He hopes to do that as he embarks on a career in HWE.

Height: 6'2”
Weight: 229lbs
From: Oklahoma City
Finisher: Oklahoma Stampede
Accomplishments: International Champion (1st ever, 1 time)
Bio: Kenny Kidd grew up being told he'd never make it. According to Kidd, his father's most frequent advice to him was: “Stay on the farm.” But Kidd had bigger aspirations than the family farm. He wanted to make it as a professional wrestler. Fifteen years of hard work later, he is widely considered one of Oklahoma's favourite sons. A huge fan of Dr Death Steve Williams growing up, Kidd has incorporated the Oklahoma Stampede into his repertoire as a nod to his childhood hero.

Height: 6'5"
Weight: 245lbs
From: Orlando, Florida
Finisher: Bigger Star Bomb (super powerbomb pin)
Bio: Kurt Harris is a young man with a big chip on his shoulders. The self-professed Bigger Star has no shortage of confidence and no shortage of talent, a collegiate wrestler turned pro, Harris believes it's his destiny to be the face of professional wrestling... if only everyone else would get out the way.

Leah Ryder
Height: 5'6"
From: Orlando, Florida
Finisher: Shining Wizard
Bio: Many young girls grow up aspiring to be pop stars or princesses. Leah Ryder grew up in her small community in Florida wanting to be a wrestler. After completing a degree in sports psychology, Ryder attended a local wrestling school and went to work on making her dream come true. Finding success thanks to her tenacious heart and incredible in-ring ability, Ryder brings her skillset to be among the best in HWE.

Height: 5'3"
From: Paraty, Brazil
Finisher: Roundhouse kick
Bio: The daughter of a priest in her homeland of Brazil, Livia was inspired to wrestle by watching the likes of Trish Stratus, Lita and Jacqueline. Livia moved to the United States when she turned 18-years old and began training immediately. Just three years later, she is signed to an exclusive contract to compete in HWE women's division. Livia's roundhouse kick is one of the most brutal in the business, and has seen her achieve success across the United States. 

Height: 5'6”
From: Lake Charles, Louisianna
Finisher: Diving Moonsault
Bio: All the way from the Bayou State comes Miss Nicole, a fiery athlete with no shortage of talent and charisma. Nicole has been a pro for almost a decade, and now she's ready to prove that she's Bayou Strong in HWE.

Height: 5'6"
From: Portland, Maine
Finisher: Tough Love (Sternum kick followed by a spinning neck breaker)
Bio: Morgana Murray embodies the word fury. And that's what she brings with her to the ring every time. Known for her chaotic, frenetic style, most opponents find they don't know how to prepare for her, which makes her even more dangerous. 

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 218lbs
From: Atlanta, Georgia
Finisher: Orlando Magic (spinning elbow smash)
Bio: Orlando Daniels is a walking inspiration. In his teens, Daniels fell in with the wrong crowd and ended up in prison for being an accessory to armed robbery. When he got out, he vowed to turn his life around. He met the love of his life, Natasha, and had a son. Pro wrestling is the career Daniels turned to in order to feed his family and, in his words, "make sure they never worry again".

Height: 6'3”
Weight: 271lbs
From: Newark, New Jersey
Finisher: Steele Justice (rear naked choke)
Bio: Big, bald with piercing blue eyes, Ramsay Steele can best be described as a fighter. Steele spent much of his early adult life floating from job to job but always beating people up. From event security to nightclub bouncer, he never quite found a place where his rage was be condoned. Until he found wrestling, and now he gets to beat people up for a living. Steele says wrestling needs more 'legitimate badasses', and he intends to be the cure for that.

Height: 6'0”
Weight: 243lbs
From: Surrey, England
Finisher: Double-Decker Drop (double powerbomb pin)
Bio: Ryan Knight may be a boy from the Suburbs, but he's as tough as nails. Nicknamed The Monarch of the Mat early on, Knight has an incredible aptitude for wrestling – able to adapt to almost any opponent placed in his path. Knight says his roots are very important to him, and his signature Double-Decker Drop (a double powerbomb pin) is a homage to home. 

Height: 5'9”
From: Chicago, Illinois
Finisher: The Serena Lock (ankle lock with leg grapevine)
Accomplishments: Women's Champion (1st ever, 1 time)
Bio: Tap or Snap. For Serena Bates, that's more than a catchy phrase. It's an instruction to every single opponent she meets. Her patented Serena Lock has struck fear into the hearts of wrestlers around the world, and now Bates brings it to HWE. Nicknamed The Outlier for her incredible, some might say expectation-defying success in pro-wrestling, Bates is often compared to the greats of the industry. However, she shuns the comparison. “I'm not the next anyone. I'm the first Serena Bates. I'm The Outlier. And HWE is where I prove why I deserve that nickname.” 

William Sanchez
Height: 6'5”
Weight: 262lbs
From: Phoenix, Arizona
Finisher: Sanchez Splash (stinger splash, followed by a leg drop from the top rope)
Bio: The first thing you notice about William Sanchez, besides his long, dark brown locks, or his lightning quick speed, is his tattoos. Like many with lots of ink, Sanchez feels this his body is his journal and it tells the story of his life, from the name of his parents to the birth date of his first child. Every major life experience is marked somewhere on his body. We're sure Sanchez intends to ink a few of his HWE accomplishments on there, too.

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 270lbs
From: Detroit, Michigan
Finisher: The Detonator
Bio: Willie Jakeman is a threatening presence in any situation, but especially so in the ring. Large, bald-headed and heavily tattooed, Jakeman is well versed in many types of combat including boxing, mixed martial arts and, of course, wrestling. Wrestling Willie Jakeman is more like fighting a wall of solid muscle.

Height: 5'6"
From: Bristol, England
Finisher: Double Underhook DDT
Bio: As a former child model, Yasmin James has always been complimented on her looks. But what few knew was just how good she'd end up being in the ring. A well-versed competitor able to brawl, wrestle and even fly, Yasmin James could be the dark horse in the women's division. 

Height: 5'5”
From: Kyoto, Japan
Finisher: Yuku Driver (GTS)
Bio: When your opponent's first name literally means pain, you know you're dealing with another calibre of a competitor. That's what will confront anyone who steps into the ring with Yuku Teshima. Teshima was trained in the dojos of Japan, taking gruelling punishment and, by Western standards, ridiculous schedules. But, in Teshima's mind, all that did was prepare her to be the best in the world. That's why she's come to HWE.

Tag Teams

Members: Toru Nagata, Koji Goto, Takara Hidaka
From: Tokyo, Japan
Height: Nagata - 5'9, Goto - 5'10", Hidaka - 5'12"
Weight: (Nagata - 220lbs, Goto (224lbs), Hidaka (231lbs)
Finisher: DISORDER Theory
Accomplishments: Tag Team Champions (1st ever, 1 time)
Bio: From the land of the Rising Sun comes Japan's deadliest and most accomplished duo, DISORDER. In their various forms, Toru Nagata, Koji Goto and Takara Hidaka boast an impressive six tag titles in various promotions through their homeland, and now they come to HWE to kick ass, win titles, and create disorder.

The Barons of Brutality
Members: Olegg and Reiner Nastrum
Height: Olegg – 7'1”, Reiner - 6'12”
Weight: 622lbs (Olegg – 326lbs, Reiner 296lbs)
From: Dresden, Germany
Finisher: Double Chokeslam
Bio: Deep from what you'd be forgiven for thinking were the bowels of hell come the Barons of Brutality, a team hell-bent on dishing out destruction and distributing pain to all who stand before them. Olegg stands an incredible seven-feet tall, while his partner Reiner isn't far off at just under seven-feet. Together, who knows the damage they'll do to the tag team division.

Deep South Destruction
Members: John and Jake Tarver
Height: John - 5'11, Jake - 6'0"
Weight: 453lbs (John - 222lbs, Jake 231lbs)
From: Orange Beach, Alabama
Finisher: The Baldwin Blues (double powerbomb)
Bio: These rough, tough are proud of their deep south heritage, but whatever you do don't call them rednecks. John and Jake Tarver grew up in the small city of Orange Beach in Alabama, and would routinely get into fights - whether it be in high school, college or as adults in bars. Enjoying physicality in all its forms and with a desire to get into (and win) as many fights as possible, they turned to wrestling. And now, as members of the HWE roster they look to turn their love of violence into successful careers.

Conrad F. Williams and Logan Young
Height: Williams – 5'10”, Young – 5'12”
Weight: 428lbs Williams – 210lbs, Young – 218 lbs
From: Williams (Harlem, NY), Young (Orlando, FL.)
Finisher: Elegant Descent (electric chair diving clothesline combo)
Bio: Two friends who met in wrestling school, Conrad F. Williams and Logan Young see themselves as underdogs determined to prove everybody wrong. Whether it's the daredevil offence of Williams or the technical expertise of Young, this is a team who can bring it against most opponents in HWE.

The Cosa Nostra
Members: "Lucky" Silvano Lorenzo, Vito Moretti and Aldo Rossi
From: Sicily, Italy
Height: Lorenzo - 6'0", Moretti - 6'2", Rossi - 6'3"
Weight: Lorenzo - 234lbs, Moretti - 228lbs, Rossi - 239lbs
Finisher: Finita
Associates: Orsola Sabbatini (Lucky's girlfriend)
Bio: It's apt that these three called themselves The Cosa Nostra because they act just like a Mafia. If you're not Sicilian, you're not good enough - and you're a candidate to get hit. Another trio who compete in HWE under Freebird Rules, don't think that that'll stop the third hot-headed Italian getting involved if you anger him.

The Maxwell Brothers
Members: Trent Maxwell and Brett Maxwell
Height: Trent - 6'0", Brett - 6'0"
Weight: 466lbs (Trent - 239lbs, Brett - 227lbs)
From: Perth, Western Australia
Finisher: Maxwell Device (electric chair, top rope clothesline combo)
Associates: Christopher Maxwell (manager, father)
Bio: Trent and Brett Maxwell offer HWE's tag team scene incredible talent and a lot of humble determination from Down Under. Trent and Brett grew up adoring their father, Australian wrestling legend Christopher Maxwell. Their dad began teaching them at his own wrestling school at 15 and has now taken them under his wing as their mentor and manager.

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