HWE ShowDown Results, Feb. 6, 2019: Chambers and Kidd seek revenge

One week after being viciously assaulted by Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn, HWE Champion Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd come to ShowDown looking for a fight. But in their attempts to seek retribution, Chambers and Kidd end up on stretchers heading for the hospital. Later in the night, Silva and Quinn would explain their actions and proclaim dominance, but HWE President Oswald Chapman had a surprise for them both...

Also on ShowDown:
- HWE International Champion Elijah Davenport put his title on the line against Ezra Jax. With Chris Jackson in his corner, did The Groundbreaker manage to dethrone the Crown Prince, or did Davenport have to call in his insurance policy?
- Serena Bates looked to take on Morgana Payne, but HWE Women's Champion Harley Clay had other ideas.
- Yuku Teshima finally explained why she attacked Kaida Sano the week before, and was challenged rather unexpectedly by an Original not willing to sit by and watch it happen.
- The Cosa Nostra met DISORDER in the Semi-Finals of the HWE Tag Team Title Contenders Tournament. Which team would advance to meet The Cult in the Finals next week?
-  Silas Sullivan and Ozerov's rivalry reached new heights when the two met face-to-face in the ring.
And so much more!

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