HWE ShowDown Preview, Feb. 6, 2019: A Declaration of War

The premiere of HWE ShowDown ended in chaos last week when Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn unleashed a devastating assault on HWE Champion Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd moments before a contract signing that would have sanctioned a dream title match for HWE Fallout. The – ahem – “fallout” from that situation will surely be felt this week.

Quinn and Silva declare war
Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn lost at WrestleTopia; Quinn lost an HWE Title opportunity when he was beaten by Kenny Kidd, and Silva lost the HWE Championship itself to Corey Chambers in the main event. Last week, as Silva attempted to address the HWE crowd (who were happy to tease him), Quinn hit the ring and a plan was hatched.

Moments before the historic contract signing later that night, Quinn lured Kenny Kidd into the parking lot by smashing up The Oklahoma Pitbull's car with a baseball bat. When Kidd reached his car, Quinn reappeared and laid him out with a sickening DDT on the car. Back inside the ring, it was Silva's turn to deal with Chambers and, within minutes, ShowDown closed with Chambers writhing in agony as a deranged Silva wrenched at his knee with the sharpshooter.

Clearly, Silva and Quinn are irate at their losses at WrestleTopia. And it now appears that The Embodiment of Excellence and The Infamous One have formed an alliance through which they intend to take revenge, with last week being seen by many as a declaration of war.

But, perhaps, Silva and Quinn failed to take into consideration that Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd will respond. Neither the HWE Champion nor the Oklahoma Pitbull would accept help after the attacks, leaving the arena of their own volition. And while Chambers and Kidd were due to clash for the HWE Championship at Fallout, one has to wonder if they'll put that on hold to they deal with the men who laid them out. Time will tell, but we should get an idea of where their heads are this week.

Will Jax dethrone The Crown Prince?
Elijah Davenport captured the HWE International Championship at WrestleTopia. When he arrived on HWE ShowDown last week, he and his wife, Dakota, looked to celebrate with the world, but Ezra Jax had other plans. Jax, whom Davenport defeated to take the title, pointed out that he had Davenport beat with a spear before Dakota put her husband's foot on the ropes, and demanded a rematch.

But The Crown Prince wasn't looking to oblige, claiming that Chris Jackson – who won a Six-Pack Challenge at WrestleTopia to become his official number-one contender – was preventing The Groundbreaker getting a rematch. Jackson appeared to dispute the claim, and presented Davenport an ultimatum that would see Jax get a rematch either way. When Davenport accepted, The Hunter revealed that he'd be in Jax's corner to neutralize Dakota.

With that, it's set. Elijah Davenport will defend the International Championship against Ezra Jax this week on ShowDown. And while you'd think it'll be a fair fight with Jackson there to negate Dakota, Elijah revealed that he had an “insurance policy” ready should he need to use. Can Jax regain his title? Also, what is Davenport's insurance policy and will he need to use it?

Bates vows that Clay will submit
At WrestleTopia, Serena Bates outlasted four Originals to become number-one contender to HWE Women's Champion Harley Clay. Last week, moments after Bates made Madison Hammer submit a second time, Clay took to the ring to defiantly inform The Outlier that, unlike Hammer, she wouldn't be submitting to the Serena Lock.

Bates saw things differently, promising that The Princess of Pain would indeed tap her title away. This hit a nerve with Clay who was visibly furious as Bates left the ring. With their inevitable title collision drawing closer, what does Clay have up her sleeve as she prepares for war with The Outlier?

Also on ShowDown:
- Last week, The Cult took down Cedric White & Evan Alexander in a Semi-Final match of the Tournament to crown number-one contenders to the HWE Tag Team Champions Deep South Destruction. This week, The Cosa Nostra battle DISORDER in the second Semi-Final match and the Sicilian faction hope to fare better as a unit than Aldo Rossi did against Koji Goto in singles action last week, where DISORDER proved that they are willing to do whatever – including cheating – to win. Can The Cosa Nostra overcome the chaos DISORDER brings to advance to the Finals?

- Moments after Kaida Sano scored a win over Morgana Payne, Yuku Teshima appeared out of nowhere and unleashed a brutal attack on Sano. The Kyoto Crippler trapped Sano's arm in a chair and stomped on it, damaging Sano's elbow in the process. The attack was as surprising to everyone watching as it was to Sano, and only Teshima knows why she did it. What is Sano's condition, and will Teshima provide answers for her actions?

- Can you say “hoss fight?” For the second time, Ozerov and Silas Sullivan engaged in a pull apart brawl last week on ShowDown. The first time they did that was at WrestleTopia during the Six-Pack Challenge and twelve officials had to separate them backstage. Last week, Sullivan came for more after Ozerov scored a win over Cody Olson. These two men clearly have an issue they need to settle, but what is it and when will they get a chance to do it officially?

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