HWE ShowDown Preview, Feb. 13, 2019: The Battles before the War

Even after two weeks of assaults and a trip to the emergency room, HWE Champion Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd showed Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn that they weren't about to tuck tail and run away from a fight last week. With an epic tag team fight set for the HWE Fallout pay-per-view on Feb. 24, what will happen next as a volatile turf war intensifies?

The Battles Before the War:
Whether there's a conspiracy against them or not, Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn have drawn the ire of HWE Champion Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd and they'll have to deal with them in the ring at the HWE Fallout pay-per-view on Feb, 24.

Last week, Chambers and Kidd proved that even two heinous assaults and a trip to the emergency room won't stop them exacting revenge on Quinn and Silva, who aim to drive them out of HWE. And with a tag team clash looming, it might benefit Silva and Quinn to spend less time accusing HWE President Oswald Chapman of playing favorites, and instead focus on the two men who'll be stood across the ring from them in two weeks.

As revealed by HWE President Oswald Chapman, both teams will see action this week on ShowDown as Quinn and Silva face Cedric White & Evan Alexander, while Chambers and Kidd take on HWE Tag Team Champions Deep South Destruction.

Will either team build momentum before Fallout? And what will happen as Quinn and Silva share the same building with Chambers and Kidd again just two weeks before HWE Fallout?

Unhinged Madness or Unmatched Brilliance?
With their clash for the HWE Women's Championship scheduled for HWE Fallout, HWE Women's Champion Harley Clay is determined to prove that she won't submit to the Serena Lock.

In the wake of Serena Bates' submission victory over Morgana Payne last week, Clay hit the ring. But, instead of going after The Outlier, she attacked Morgana Payne and applied her vision of the Serena Lock. The champion then left the ring and, without uttering a word, sent a clear and simple message to her number-one contender that she is unlike any competitor Bates has faced before.

If you're Serena Bates, last week's display has to be unnerving as you try to prepare to capture the most coveted prize in the HWE women's division at Fallout. Bates will have a chance to get a good look at the champion when the Princess of Pain goes one-on-one with Miss Nicole in non-title action this week.

The Crown Prince keeps his throne
Despite Chris Jackson's best intentions, Ezra Jax did not regain the HWE International Championship last week. Jackson was at ringside to neutralize Elijah Davenport's wife, Dakota, as promised, but fell victim to his own temper when Elijah spat at him. And as the referee dealt with Jackson's rage-filled attempt to get his hands on the Crown Prince, Jax hit the spear and made the cover. Had Jackson not had the referee's attention, we'd almost certainly have had a new champion.

Not only did Jackson accidentally prevent the referee counting The Groundbreaker's pinfall, he also allowed a monstrous man – who can only be the insurance policy Davenport promised would ensure he left with the title – to plant Jax with a Uranage and drape Elijah's arm over him, costing Jax the match. Jackson costing Jax the title was certainly inadvertent, as evidenced after the match when Jackson tried to explain himself to Jax. But Jax wasn't in the mood to hear it, and swiftly left Jackson standing alone in the ring.

Who was the man who helped Elijah Davenport retain the International Championship last week? And will Chris Jackson manage to make amends with Ezra Jax? After all, Jackson has a guaranteed opportunity at Davenport's title and to go into war with The Crown Prince and his mastodon without backup seems more like a suicide mission.

Kay steps to the Kyoto Crippler
Yuku Teshima is dangerous. If you need evidence, look at what she did to Kaida Sano two weeks ago. Fingering Sano as the reason she's not the number-one contender to the HWE Women's Championship, Teshima crushed Sano's elbow with a steel chair. Sano's condition is still up in the air.

Explaining that Sano paid for getting between her and the championship she feels destined to attain, Teshima warned that anybody else who dared get in her way would suffer similarly. But that didn't stop Sidney Kay stepping to the Kyoto Crippler. The plucky Atlantic City native got right in Teshima's face and dared her to try it with someone who was ready for it.

Just as it seemed Teshima was stepping away, she assaulted Kay and laid her out with Blunt Force Trauma. As a result, Teshima and Kay will go one-on-one this week on ShowDown.

Also on ShowDown:
- The Cosa Nostra and The Cult will go head-to-head in the Finals of the HWE Tag Team Championship Contenders Tournament. The winners will meet HWE Tag Team Champions Deep South Destruction at HWE Fallout on Feb. 24. Who will prevail and earn a title shot?

- Moments after comparing himself and Ozerov to raging bulls fighting over turf, Silas Sullivan laid Ozerov out with a sucker punch and the Icepick. Raging bulls is certainly an accurate description for two men who can't seem to stop getting into fights with each other. But after being caught off guard by Sullivan's assault last week, how will Ozerov respond?

- Madison Hammer claims that, unlike Livia, she is a “real woman.” Hammer said that Livia got what she deserved when Hammer cost Livia her match for the HWE Women's Championship at WrestleTopia moments after a backstage confrontation between them. Hammer has played a game of cat and mouse with Livia ever since that night, but it seems The Brazilian Brawler is closing in on her. Will Livia finally get to lay hands on the arrogant Aussie?

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