HWE Champion Corey Chambers & Kenny Kidd vs. Alfonso Silva & Connor Quinn

All hell will break loose when HWE Champion Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd join forces to battle Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn at HWE Fallout on Sunday, Feb. 24.

This tag team match wasn't always the planned main event, though. At WrestleTopia, Kidd defeated Connor Quinn to earn a shot at the HWE Championship, which was won by Corey Chambers in a stunning main event against Alfonso Silva later in the night. It seemed Chambers and Kidd were destined to clash for the Title, but on the Jan. 30 episode of ShowDown, the scheduled contract signing didn't go to plan.

Moments before the two would meet and seal their fate in what was being billed a “dream match”, Silva and Quinn would strike, unleashing a devastating assault on the HWE Champion and the Oklahoma Pitbull. Quinn, who'd promised to make Kidd's life miserable after his loss to Kidd at WrestleTopia, smashed up the number-one contender's car with a baseball bat. When Kidd went to confront The Infamous One, Quinn DDT'd him on the hood of the beaten up car. Meanwhile, Chambers was attacked from behind by Alfonso Silva and put in the sharpshooter.

The following week, Chambers and Kidd sought revenge but were blindsided again by the Embodiment of Excellence and The Infamous One. With Chambers and Kidd being examined in hospital, Silva and Quinn would explain that, on top of feeling that their nights were stolen from them at WrestleTopia, they felt that HWE management had selected Chambers and Kidd to be the “faces” of the company and discounted them.

With Chambers and Kidd out of the way (at least, temporarily) Quinn proclaimed that the new main event of Fallout would see him and his new ally vie to determine the “rightful” HWE Champion, but HWE President Oswald Chapman had different plans. Denouncing their theory and their plans for Fallout, Chapman revealed that Chambers and Kidd had decided to forego their Title match to get their hands on Silva and Quinn in a tag team match.

You can call Silva and Quinn conspiracy theorists or even sore losers, but you can't deny that they've proven themselves to be a dangerous unit. That said, Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd aren't pushovers and with the HWE Champion and The Oklahoma Pitbull looking for vengeance on the men who, clearly, want them out of HWE altogether, HWE Fallout is shaping up to have one wild main event.

HWE Fallout comes your way on Sunday, February 24, exclusively on the HWE Network.

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