Chapman responds to Silva and Quinn's accusations of favoritism

Last night on HWE ShowDown, Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn accused HWE management in general, and HWE President Oswald Chapman specifically, of playing favourites.

Feeling that they were ignored on the premiere of ShowDown in favour of the newly-crowned HWE Champion Corey Chambers and his number-one contender Kenny Kidd – who'd beaten Silva and Quinn respectively at WrestleTopia to earn their positions – and their planned Title match at Fallout, they claimed that Chambers and Kidd were corporately chosen to lead the company, manufactured as the heroes to the HWE fans, and hand-selected as the “faces” of HWE.

Explaining their assaults on Chambers and Kidd, Silva and Quinn claimed to be shattering the illusion that HWE's brass were trying to create and, in-so-doing, taking the mantle of the “faces” of the company for themselves. But they wouldn't just hurl accusations at nameless officials, as when HWE President Oswald Chapman tried to rubbish the claims, Quinn accused him specifically of having favourites, even calling Chambers and Kidd Chapman's “boys.”
Clearly, the president is unhappy with the comments of The Embodiment of Excellence and The Infamous One, and took to Twitter today to, once again, refute the accusations:

If Alfonso Silva and Connor Quinn felt ignored before and wanted to be noticed, it's worked. As a result of the attacks on Chambers and Kidd they find themselves in the main event of the HWE Fallout pay-per-view, teaming up to take on the HWE Champion and the Oklahoma Pitbull. And, while it's not the 'dream' Title match which was initially announced, it's a match which is equally sure to have the world's attention.

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