Update on Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd

Last night on the premiere of HWE ShowDown, HWE Champion Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd were viciously assaulted before they were due to sign the contract to make their dream match official for HWE Fallout on Feb. 24.

With the champion already in the ring, Kidd began making his way down the ramp but was interrupted by Connor Quinn, who appeared on the HeadlineTron. Still irate that Kidd had beaten him at WrestleTopia on Sunday to earn a shot at Chambers, The Infamous One began smashing Kidd's car up with a baseball bat. The Oklahoma Pitbull sprinted to the parking lot where he was ambushed by the irate Irishman who laid him out with a DDT on the car.

Back in the ring, Chambers watched on before being assaulted from behind by Alfonso Silva. Silva, who lost the HWE Championship to Chambers at WrestleTopia, attempted to address HWE fans earlier in the night but was met with boos and taunts from the capacity crowd. Quinn would appear and the two had a discussion where, presumably, this plan was hatched.

Silva proceeded to unleash a vicious attack on the new champion and ShowDown left the air with The Embodiment of Excellence wrenching at the champ's knee with the sharpshooter.

TheHWE.com has obtained an exclusive update on the situation. We're told that once Silva finally released Chambers, he met Quinn in the parking lot where they sped away together in Quinn's car. HWE officials offered help to both Chambers and Kidd, but the HWE Champion and the Oklahoma Pitbull refused the assistance.

The HWE Fallout pay-per-view main event has now been thrown into the air. Given that Chambers and Kidd never signed the contract, the match isn't official and the pay-per-view is without a main event. Speculation is rife that the title match may be postponed while Chambers and Kidd seek retribution, but HWE management has yet to provide an update.

Stay with TheHWE.com as we'll have more on this situation as it develops.

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