Corey Chambers and Kenny Kidd to sign the contract for HWE Fallout

HWE WrestleTopia was a historic night in many ways, not least because it was the night that Corey Chambers toppled Alfonso Silva to become the new HWE Champion.

As WrestleTopia went off the air with Chambers hoisting the title above his head while confetti and the Brooklyn crowd's adoration rained down upon him, Todd Brown proclaimed that the Corey Chambers Era had begun in HWE. And while that is true, Chambers already knew who his first challenge would be.

Minutes before Chambers captured gold in the main event, Kenny Kidd defeated Connor Quinn in an intense Number-One Contenders match. The victory came in surprising fashion, as Kidd hooked The Infamous One with a small package to secure first place on the HWE Championship contender list. Quinn was clearly irate after the match, but it won't change the inevitable.

As a result of his win, The Oklahoma Pitbull will challenge for the HWE Championship at HWE Fallout on Sunday, Feb. 27.

This Wednesday on the premiere of HWE ShowDown, champion and challenger will meet in the ring to sign the contract for their bout, which many are already anticipating to be one of the biggest matches of 2019. What will go down as Chambers and Kidd meet face-to-face for the first time in either man's career? Tune in to HWE ShowDown this Wednesday, only on HWE Network, to find out.

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