Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Alfonso Silva defends against Corey Chambers at WrestleTopia

HWE Champion Alfonso Silva will meet his first test at HWE WrestleTopia on Jan. 13, as Corey Chambers is named as his first challenger.

Silva's means of becoming HWE Champion were nefarious, to say the least, as he illegally used a steel chair to weaken Ryan Knight's knee in the Finals of a 16-man Tournament. Silva's vicious assault would leave Knight no choice but to submit to the sharpshooter later in the match and ultimately put Knight on the injured reserve list.

However, if thought he'd be let off without a title defense at WrestleTopia, he was wrong.

HWE President Oswald Chapman has exclusively told that he's named Corey Chambers as Silva's first number-one contender. Chambers will face The Embodiment of Excellence for the gold at HWE's first pay-per-view on Jan. 13.

Will Chambers take the gold from Silva? The only way to find out is to tune in to WrestleTopia on Sunday, Jan. 13, exclusively on the HWE Network.

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