Sunday, 16 December 2018

Alfonso Silva, Harley Clay capture gold

Brooklyn, N.Y. - In a historic first weekend of non-televised action in HWE, Alfonso Silva and Harley Clay became the first in company history to capture gold.

Over the course of the live events held on Friday and Saturday night at the new HWE Arena in Brooklyn, New York, both Silva and Clay survived the Quarter and Semi Finals of the respective tournaments to determine the first HWE Champion and HWE Women's Champion.

Then, on Sunday, they'd both enter the history books. First up, Clay overcame Livia in an epic clash that wasn't without controversy. Livia looked to have Clay defeated as she loaded up her signature roundhouse kick, but Clay ducked the devastating move, scored a roll-up and grabbed a handful of tights.

Despite the nefarious means, The Princess of Pain is the first HWE Women's Champion.

Then, Silva would meet Ryan Knight in the Finals of the HWE Championship Tournament and would make the Monarch of the Mat submit to a sharpshooter after illegally hitting Knight's leg with a chair when the referee was down.

Knight was helped away by officials as the self-proclaimed Real Mexican Hero, Silva, raised the HWE Championship into the air to end an incredible weekend.

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