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HWE ShowDown Results, August 8, 2018: Corey Chambers takes it to Wolfe!

HWE ShowDown Results for August 8, 2018, LIVE! from the HWE Arena in Las Vegas, N.V.

As the show opened, “The Demon of Dublin” Connor Quinn's music hit and he came to the ring and took a microphone. Quinn said, “I've got some bad news for you all. Your HWE Champion Kenny Kidd isn't here tonight.” The crowd booed, as Quinn smirked and said, “They won't let him be here because, somehow, he got concussed last week. Oh, that's right, it probably happened when I dented a steel chair with his head. But, y'see, that could've been avoided. When I attacked Kenny Kidd three weeks ago, it wasn't personal; I just wanted an HWE Title shot, and Oswald Chapman wasn't answering me. I told Oswald that I'm not patient, but he prolonged it and prolonged it and I snapped. It was business. But Kenny went and took it personally, and last week, he threatened me. He called out my manhood and tried to act the big man. Well, look where it got him. I hit him with a steel chair – so hard it hurt my own hands, by the way – and laid him out on that stage for everyone to see. See, I didn't want this to get personal between Kenny and I. As far as I was concerned, it was just a simple title match. But now, Kenny, you've pissed me off. And now it's personal. And I will personally take great pleasure in beating the sh*t out of you at Code Red and taking that HWE Championship for myself.” The crowd continued to boo. Quinn added, “And if you're not sure what I'm capable of, just as Sanchez. At Eleventh Hour, I kicked him so hard in his ribs that he hasn't been cleared to compete since. Or, better yet, just feel the top of your head. Feel that bump I put up there with that steel chair last week. Feel it, and know that at Code Red on August 19, that bump is the only thing you'll be leaving with because I'll be taking your title.” Quinn dropped the microphone and left the ring as the fans booed.

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“The Crown Price” Elijah Davenport (with Ramsay “Iron Man” Steele) vs. HWE Tag Team Champion Evan Alexander (w/ HWE Tag Team Champion Cedric White) in 9:30 by pinfall following the Changing of the Guard. During the match, from ringside, Todd Brown noted that last week, Davenport and Steele earned the right to challenge White and Alexander for the titles at HWE Code Red. Steele attempted to interfere as Alexander went to the top rope, but White prevented it and clotheslined Steele. Towards the end of the match, White was encouraging Alexander from ringside, but Steele came up behind him and pushed him into the ring post. This distracted Alexander, allowing Davenport to hit The Changing of the Guard for the win.

Backstage, Vincent Crashman interviewed The Maxwells, with their father, Christopher Maxwell. Christopher said that, despite the setbacks they'd suffered, he'd taught his sons to rise up in the face of adversity. He said that they'd been training harder than ever and had their eyes on the HWE Tag Team Championships. Suddenly, “The Trendsetter” Casey Olson and Orlando Young appeared. Olson said that Christopher had given a fine speech, but it would amount to nothing. Young said that The Maxwells only won last week because The Cosa Nostra distracted DISORDER. Without that, he said, they wouldn't have beaten anyone. Trent stepped in and said that The Maxwells could beat Olson and Young. When Olson scoffed, Brett added, “Don't believe us? Why don't we try it – tonight?” Olson smirked, accepted the match, and said that they'd send The Maxwells further into obscurity tonight.

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“The Deacon of Destruction” Deelon Mack defeated Noah Prince in 10:04 by pinfall following The Cleanser, when, unseen by the referee, Alfonso Silva came to ringside and pushed Prince off the top rope as he was going for The Undoing. Prince got up and exchanged words with Silva, not seeing Mack coming up behind him. Mack hit Prince with The Cleanser for the pinfall and the win. After the match, Mack took a microphone and said that what Noah Prince just experienced was a fraction of what he'd have to do to HWE International Champion Ezra Jax at HWE Code Red in order to make him “repent”. The crowd booed, and Mack said that he knew they didn't understand but he was saving them from themselves.

Backstage, Billie Romero approached HWE International Champion Ezra Jax, who was watching Mack on a monitor, and asked for his thoughts on Deelon Mack's mission to silence him. Jax said, “I'm not gonna lie, Billie, Deelon Mack scares me. That attitude that he has, it's not rare. People like him believe that people like me – the ones who don't fit into society's neat boxes, the ones who aren't like him – are evil sinners. I know that Deelon Mack wants to silence me because he knows that the light always kills the darkness, that love always beats hate. But, as long as I'm still breathing, and as long as I feel a duty to the community I represent, I won't – I can't – stop fighting. So, Deelon Mack can try to silence me; he can come to Code Red and try to make me 'repent', whatever that means. But what Deelon Mack fails to realise is that I represent an idea, and try as he might, he can't silence what I stand for.” The crowd cheered, as Jax walked away.

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The Cosa Nostra (Lucky Lorenzo and Vito Moretti, with Aldo Rossi) defeated Deep South Destruction (Jake Tarver and Johnny Fury) in 12:47 by disqualification, when DISORDER (Takara Hidaka, Toru Nagata and Koji Goto) interfered. DISORDER took out Rossi at ringside first, before swarming the ring, beating up Moretti and Lorenzo. They eventually threw Moretti from the ring and, turning their attention to Lorenzo, put the boots to him. From ringside, Todd Brown called it a “barbaric mugging”, as Michael Sanders noted that The Cosa Nostra had wanted a fight from DISORDER for weeks. Brown replied, “A fight. Not an ambush, for god's sakes.” Nagata and Goto held Lorenzo as Hidaka pummelled him with right hands. They then hoisted Lorenzo up and hit DISORDER Theory. Hidaka, Nagata and Goto stood tall, as Hidaka screamed, “This is what you wanted!” at Lorenzo.

From ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders discussed the developing situation between HWE Women's Champion Serena Bates, “The Princess of Pain” Harley Clay and “The Kyoto Crippler” Yuku Teshima. Bates beat Teshima at Eleventh Hour, at the same time as Clay made her intention known that she wanted the HWE Women's Title. But, unable to reconcile the loss, Teshima continued pursuing revenge on Bates, leaving Clay to feel she was stealing her thunder. Then, last week, Clay took out Bates and Teshima with a chair during their match, declaring that she was coming to take her throne.

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HWE Women's Champion Serena Bates came to the ring and took a microphone. Bates said that over the last few weeks, she'd beaten Yuku Teshima, had Harley Clay in her face, been hit with a chair by Teshima, had Clay accuse her of ducking a title defence, and been hit with a chair by Clay. Bates said that she'd had enough of the games being played between Teshima and Clay, had enough of Teshima's obsession with her, and wanted to shut Clay's mouth. Bates said that there was only one way to settle it, but before she could continue, Harley Clay's music hit. Clay came to the ring, took a microphone and said, “You're right, Serena. There is only one way to settle this, and that's for you to stop ducking me and agree to defend that Title against me at Code Red.” Bates stepped up to Clay and said, “Accuse me of ducking you one more time and I'll drop you where you stand.” But they were both cut off by the music of “The Kyoto Crippler” Yuku Teshima. Teshima came to the stage with a microphone. In broken English, Teshima said that they both had it wrong, and said that the only way this would end was with Teshima crippling them both. Teshima began making her way to the ring, when HWE Commissioner Oswald Chapman came out. Chapman said that, like Bates, he'd had enough of the mind games and wanted to see a resolution. He revealed that Bates had spoken to him earlier today and made a request, which he'd granted. Chapman announced that Bates would defend the title against Clay and Teshima in a triple threat match at HWE Code Red on Sunday, August 19. The crowd exploded, as Clay turned to Bates and said, “I knew it. You couldn't bear to face me one on one so you throw up a triple threat match. Once again, Serena Bates ducks Harley Clay!” Bates said that she'd warned Clay, and blasted her with a right hand. Teshima then got in the ring and Bates and Teshima brawled. Referees filed out from the back and got control of the situation, as the fans chanted for it to continue.

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The Maxwells (with Christopher Maxwell) defeated “The Trendsetter” Casey Olson and Orlando Young in 7:21 by pinfall following The Maxwell Device to Young.

Backstage, “The Brazilian Brawler” Livia was warming up for her match with Morgana Payne. Suddenly, Sidney Kay appeared. Kay thanked Livia for coming to her aid last week when Morgana Payne attacked her after their match. Livia told her it wasn't a problem, and Kay asked if she could accompany Livia to the ring tonight to make sure Payne didn't cheat again. Livia agreed, and they walked away together.

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Morgana Payne defeated “The Brazilian Brawler” Livia (with Sidney Kay) in 11:50 by disqualification. Towards the end of the match, Payne was in control and began taunting Kay. Kay got on the apron and they exchanged words before Payne spat at Kay. Irate, Kay got in the ring and speared Payne down, hammering her with right hands and forcing the referee to call for the bell. After the match, Livia pulled Kay off of Payne and questioned why she had interfered. Kay was explaining the situation when Payne shoved Livia into Kay, knocking her from the ring. Payne then blasted Livia with Tough Love, and stood tall as the fans booed heavily.

A vignette aired for the debut of “The Oligarch of Agony” Ozerov. His manager, Jimmy Cash said that the warnings were over and promised that Ozerov would bring Armageddon with him when he debuted next week on HWE ShowDown.

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HWE Commissioner Oswald Chapman was stood in the ring holding a microphone. A table had been set up with a pen and a microphone on it, and Chapman introduced Corey Chambers. Chambers came out to a huge ovation and entered the ring. Chapman said that, as agreed, he'd had the hold harmless agreement drawn up which prevented legal repercussions on HWE if something happened in the match between Corey Chambers and Brodie Wolfe at HWE Code Red, and asked Chambers if he was sure he wanted the match. Chambers said that he needed it, adding that Brodie Wolfe couldn't go around trying to end people's careers and not take the consequences. Chapman said that he couldn't advise enough against fighting Wolfe again, but that if Chambers was sure, he could sign the agreement. Chambers signed the contract, and Chapman dejectedly said, “It's official, Corey. You have your match with Brodie Wolfe at Code Red. I wish you nothing but luck.” Chambers thanked Chapman, when suddenly, Brodie Wolfe's music hit. Wolfe came to the stage with a microphone and said, “Aye it feels good to be back!” The fans booed, but Wolfe smirked them off. Wolfe said, “Honestly, Corey, you've surprised me. I really thought you'd come to your senses and back out of this match. You'd think throwing you off the stage at Eleventh Hour was enough, but here we are. Actually, I'm quite glad we're fighting again at Code Red. Because then I can finish what I started and leave these people and their ugly children one less sickening hero to worship. In fact, I'm not in the mood to wait, so why don't we start now.” Wolfe began to make his way to the ring, as Chapman urged him not to. Chambers yelled at Chapman to get out of the ring. Wolfe hit the ring, but Chambers pulled up the right leg of his jeans and uncovered a led pipe hidden in his boot. He drew it and, as Wolfe came at him, hit Wolfe in the ribs with it. Wolfe stumbled backwards, holding his ribs, and Chambers lunged at him, clotheslining him with the pipe and sending him over the top rope. Irate, Wolfe threw a fit at ringside as Chambers, waving the pipe, dared him to come back in. From ringside, Todd Brown said, “Corey Chambers knew what he was in store for tonight and he came prepared. For the first time, Brodie Wolfe seems thrown off his game.” Michael Sanders replied, “Yeah, but Corey won't be able to use that led pipe at Code Red. And I don't know how wise it is to piss off Brodie Wolfe like this.”

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