Friday, April 13, 2018

Oswald Chapman talks WrestleTopia, PPVs and more

It's fair to say Oswald Chapman landed his dream job. From lifelong wrestling fan to Commissioner for HWE. As the company prepares for its first event, WrestleTopia (this Sunday), the Commissioner's been making the rounds to promote the event.

Hear what the Commissioner had to say a wide array of topics including WrestleTopia, pay-per-views and more!

On WrestleTopia:
"The pressure is on, for all of us, really. The talent has to deliver. I have to deliver as a Commissioner. The company as a whole needs to knock this out of the park to prove we're not just hype. But there's a great card there and a lot to keep fans on their toes."

Which match is he the most excited for?
"Come on, I can't answer that. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone delivers. I'm most intrigued by the Gauntlet Match to crown the HWE Women's Champion. Serena Bates is in a tough spot. (Bates drew #1.) That's a loaded division there. Any of them could take it, honestly."

On some talent not being part of Title matches:
"It was tough trying to place everybody, yeah. I'm sure a lot of guys will be upset that they weren't involved, or were in a match for one Title over another. At the end of the day, nobody has proven themselves on our stage yet, so WrestleTopia is everyone's chance to show where they're at and where they 'deserve' to be. It's a fresh chance for everybody, and if you're lower on the card than someone else and think you should be higher, well, here's your chance to prove that point. I'm gonna be directed by performance not egos."

On HWE's pay-per-view structure:
"The original plan was to do a once a month thing. But, we looked at it and felt that 4 weeks or 5 weeks just isn't enough time to build a pay-per-view properly. Like, TV shows don't go from the start of a story to the finale in 4 episodes, do they? They spend 12, sometimes 24 weeks to build to that last episode. If you equate it, ShowDown is where we build our stories and pay-per-views are like our finales, so to speak.

"You can't tell stories properly or let things develop nicely if you're having to rush from one pay-per-view to the next. That model is outdated, especially in today's oversaturated market. So, I spoke to (HWE CEO) Guy Fernandez and we decided to go for every other month instead. It's gonna be fun to see how it plays out and I think our audience is gonna be more excited for these pay-per-views when they do happen.

"That's really the beauty of how we're approaching HWE. It's an evolving thing. We'll put things in place and realise, 'hey, that doesn't work. Let's try this.' We're not married to ideas. Things change as time goes on and you have to adapt."

Will he be an on-screen character?
"I'll have a presence, sure. Sometimes things happen where an authority figure is required, to make an announcement or a decision, or make a match on the fly or whatever. But I'm not going to be a character, as such. I don't want the spotlight because I'm not a wrestler."

On why fans should tune in to WrestleTopia:
"Because it's the start of something fun. WrestleTopia sets the tone for HWE, in general, going forward. I realise that we're just coming out of the gate and finding our feet. But if you give us a chance, I think you'll be glad you did."

HWE WrestleTopia comes your way this Sunday, exclusively on! The confirmed card can be found here.

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