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HWE WrestleTopia Results for March 11, 2018

HWE WrestleTopia Pay-Per-View Results for March 11, 2018

The show opened with the arena in darkness. Moments later, an electric guitar was heard, red lights fell on the stage where Breaking Benjamin were seen and they performed “Blow Me Away.” As the song came to an end, the words “It Begins... Now!” appeared on the titantron behind them. Pyrotechnics then went off around the titantron and inside the ring, and the camera panned across sections of screaming fans. From ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders welcomed the world to HWE WrestleTopia and previewed the night ahead, which included 6 matches; 4 of which would crown HWE's first Champions.

“Oklahoma's Golden Boy” Kenny Kidd won an over-the-top-rope Battle Royal in 16:31 to become the first HWE International Champion, in a match which also included: Kurt Harris, Antonio Rizzo, Orlando Daniels, Alistair Finlay, William Sanchez, Deelon Smith and EGP. Kidd and Harris were the final two. Harris hit the Bigger Star Bomb and took a moment to gloat. He picked Kidd up, but as he went to throw him over the top rope Kidd used Harris' momentum to throw him over instead. Harris managed to land on the apron, so Kidd punched him but he held on. Kidd then hit the ropes and blasted Harris with the Oklahoma Stampede which knocked him to the floor. After the match, Kidd celebrated as Harris threw a fit at ringside.

Backstage, Vincent Crashman interviewed Casey Jax, accompanied by his servant Pierre. Jax bemoaned the “travesty” that he had to face “Texan trash” in Joey Moss instead of being included in the HWE Championship Match. Jax called himself HWE's “Platinum Original”, proclaimed himself the smartest man on the roster and promised to prove it.

Casey Jax (with Pierre) beat Joey Moss in 10:58 by pinfall. Towards the end of the match, Moss had cinched in Scream For Me but Jax crawled to the ropes. Jax appeared to be hurt and called the referee over. At ringside, Pierre grabbed a steel chair, slid in and blasted Moss as the referee checked on Jax. Pierre left the ring, Jax scrambled to cover Moss and won.

Backstage, Ramsay “Iron Man” Steele was seen shadow boxing in preparation for the main event.

“The Kyoto Crippler” Yuku Teshima beat Miss Nicole in 0:36 by pinfall, following the Yuku Driver. Teshima started the match with a flurry of right hands which caught Nicole off guard. With Nicole stunned and unable to recover, Teshima hit the Yuku Driver for the win. After the match, from ringside Michael Sanders said, “Miss Nicole's a world-class athlete, Todd. Yuku Teshima just obliterated her in thirty-six seconds. That's scary.”

Backstage, Billie Romero interviewed Corey Chambers about possibly becoming the first HWE Champion tonight. Chambers said that he'd never had the chance to make history like this, but acknowledged that he'd have to leave everything in the ring to pull it off. “The Original Original” Alex Kingston interrupted and told Chambers that Chambers wouldn't become HWE Champion tonight. He said only The Original Original was good enough for that distinction. Chambers replied that unlike Kingston he didn't need nicknames or bravado; he proved himself in the ring. Kingston speared Chambers to the ground and rained punches on him, before picking Chambers up and throwing him shoulder-first into a production crate. As referees filed in to pull Kingston away, he said, “Good luck tonight, Corey. Looks like you'll need it now, huh?”

DISORDER (Koji Goto and Toru Nagata, with Takara Hidaka) won a 4-team elimination match in 21:34, last eliminating The Maxwell Brothers, to become the first HWE Tag Team Champions. It appeared Hidaka would be Goto's partner as he stood across the ring from Trent Maxwell, but Nagata jumped in and attacked Maxwell to start the match. On commentary, Todd Brown noted that DISORDER were taking advantage of competing under Freebird Rules, meaning none of the other teams knew in advance which formation they'd take.
Order of Eliminations:
- The Barons of Brutality eliminated Deep South Destruction at 12:18 by pinfall, following a double chokeslam on Jake Tarver.
- The Maxwell Brothers eliminated The Barons of Brutality at 17:58 by pinfall, following the Maxwell Device to Reiner Nastrum, as DISORDER were attacking Olegg at ringside. After the fall, Olegg broke free of DISORDER, entered the ring and attacked The Maxwell Brothers. He dumped Brett to the outside with a gorilla press and hit Trent with a Backbreaker Chokeslam before leaving the ring.
- DISORDER eliminated The Maxwell Brothers at 21:34 by pinfall following DISORDER Theory, to win the Tag Team Championships. Trent Maxwell fought valiantly, but was too beaten up to stand a chance. As Goto and Nagata hit him with DISORDER Theory, Brett Maxwell tried to make the save but Hidaka prevented him from entering the ring.
After the match, as DISORDER celebrated, on commentary Todd Brown noted that The Barons of Brutality may well have cost The Maxwell Brothers a fair chance at becoming Tag Team Champions tonight.

Backstage, Vincent Crashman tried to interview “The Monarch of the Mat” Ryan Knight, but before Knight could answer Crashman's question, Jimmy Cash appeared. Cash said, “Don't say a word, Mr Knight. Not a word, because nothing you can say will matter once the world sees what you and the four other unfortunates have to deal with tonight...” The camera panned out to reveal “The Mauler” Jaleel, a monstrous man behind Cash. Knight looked at Jaleel for a moment and said, “He's impressive, I'll give you that. But I don't see someone to fear. All I see is another obstacle,” and walked away.

The Outlier” Serena Bates beat Livia, Ashley Karns and Yasmin James in 14:15 by submission, when Karns tapped to the Serena Lock, to become the first HWE Women's Champion. Towards the end of the match, Livia blasted James with a nasty roundhouse kick which sent her out of the ring. Karns then jumped Livia from behind and threw her out as well. Karns turned to Bates, but spent too long gloating which allowed Bates to sweep Karns' ankle, apply the Serena Lock and win.

Backstage, “The Hunter” Chris Jackson was shown reading his self-penned “The Hunter's Gospel” in a room illuminated by a single bulb when Billie Romero entered. She asked Jackson whether he was concerned about having a 1 in 6 chance of becoming HWE Champion. Jackson said, “What do they call me, Billie? … The Hunter, exactly. Why? Not because it's cute, but because I'm relentless when I want something. So I don't care if it's 1 in 6 or 1 in 15; I will find a way to become HWE Champion tonight.” Jackson then told Romero never to interrupt him while he was preparing again, and left the room.

From ringside, Todd Brown and Michael Sanders talked about the incredible night HWE WrestleTopia had already provided, including the crowning of 3 Champions. Brown then talked about the premiere of HWE ShowDown this Wednesday night. Sanders said that if WrestleTopia was anything to go by, ShowDown would be off the hook.

“The Hunter” Chris Jackson beat Corey Chambers, “The Mauler” Jaleel (with Jimmy Cash), “The Monarch of the Mat” Ryan Knight, Ramsay “Iron Man” Steele and “The Original Original” Alex Kingston in 38:02 by pinfall, to become the first HWE Champion. Corey Chambers came out last, still banged up from the earlier assault by Kingston, whom he made a beeline for to begin the match. Towards the end, Steele, Knight and Kingston were down at ringside. Jackson was sat in the corner and Chambers lay in the middle of the ring. Jaleel entered and hit Chambers with the Samoan Nightmare but before he could pin Chambers, Jackson got up and hit a running knee to Jaleel's back which knocked him through the ropes. Jackson covered a lifeless Chambers to win the Title. After the match, Jackson grabbed the Title, ran from the ring and through the crowd as Jaleel stormed in. Still irate, Jaleel picked up Chambers and hit another Samoan Nightmare. Jaleel then yelled at Jackson, who looked nervous in the stands as the show went off the air.
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