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HWE Showdown Preview, Mar. 14, 2018

Days after an incredible HWE WrestleTopia pay-per-view (RESULTS), all eyes turn to the premiere of ShowDown this Wednesday night. With 4 newly crowned first-time Champions and a roster full of potential contenders, will ShowDown shed a light on what's in store?

Chris Jackson to celebrate HWE Championship win:
At WrestleTopia, Chris Jackson managed to win the 6-Way main event and become the first HWE Champion. But it wasn't without controversy, as “The Mauler” Jaleel seemed to have the match in hand. In fact, it was the brute's own Samoan Nightmare that Jackson capitalised on to pin Corey Chambers and win the Title.

The new Champion has promised a “celebration” this Wednesday on the premiere of ShowDown. But one can't expect Jaleel or his manager Jimmy Cash will remain out of the way.

Corey Chambers seeks revenge:
While Jaleel may have his sights set firmly on the HWE Champion, Corey Chambers will be out for revenge. At WrestleTopia, Alex Kingston attacked Chambers during a verbal exchange backstage; and then after the main event - unable to get his hands on Jackson - an enraged Jaleel delivered another devastating Samoan Nightmare to Chambers. How will Chambers retaliate?

The Bigger Star is upstaged:
WrestleTopia was an emotional night for Kenny Kidd, becoming the first-ever HWE International Champion in a Battle Royal. Kurt Harris - the man Kidd eliminated to win the Title - had an emotional night, too, but his emotion was rage and jealousy. Sources say that the self-proclaimed “Bigger Star” told anyone who would listen that his Title hunt was far from over.

Kenny Kidd will defend his Title against Harris on the premiere episode of Showdown. Will Kidd shut Harris down once and for all, or will The Bigger Star capture the gold?

Also, look out for:
- As HWE Women's Champion Serena Bates settles in for her first ShowDown, there's an entire locker room of women looking to dethrone her. Who will emerge as her first number-one contender?

- The Maxwell Brothers came within inches of the HWE Tag Team Titles at WrestleTopia, falling short, some say, because of The Barons of Brutality and their nasty assault following their elimination. Will the Aussie siblings be looking for a measure of revenge?

- Yuku Teshima obliterated Miss Nicole at WrestleTopia, sending her to the bench with a concussion. Who will be next to get in Teshima's way, and will The Kyoto Crippler make mincemeat of them, too?

And so much more...

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