Sunday, 20 January 2019

BREAKING: Oswald Chapman coming to ShowDown

HWE President Oswald Chapman has confirmed he intends to be at HWE ShowDown this Wednesday.

Last week on ShowDown, after what many people called a screw job at WrestleTopia, Corey Chambers crashed the Championship Celebration of HWE Champion Alfonso Silva, prompting The Embodiment of Excellence to demand Chapman punish Chambers.

Chapman has remained tight lipped about what he will do about the situation, or whether he intends to intervene at all. All we know at this time is that the boys will be in the building this Wednesday for ShowDown.

What will Chapman do? Will Silva get his way? How will Chambers' quest for a rematch be affected? Find out this Wednesday.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Alfonso Silva demands punishment for Corey Chambers

Last night on the premiere of HWE ShowDown (RESULTS), Corey Chambers crashed HWE Champion Alfonso Silva's Championship Celebration at the end of a chaotic night.

The move was, of course, retaliation for Silva getting intentionally disqualified during their title match at HWE WrestleTopia on Sunday. Many felt Chambers had the gold in his grasp. It has been argued that Silva must have felt the same way to put his hands on the official and take the easy way out.

An enraged Chambers wouldn't let it rest, stating at the beginning of ShowDown that he wanted to get his hands on Silva – even threatening to go through Ramsay Steele (who earned a title shot at WrestleTopia and confronted Chambers in the ring) to do it. The Brooklyn native paid that promise off when he wrecked Silva's egotistical celebrations later in the night.

As one can imagine, Silva was furious when he returned to the locker room, and those close to the champion allege that he put in a call to HWE President Oswald Chapman, demanding Chapman punish Chambers for his actions. Currently, there has been no word from Silva or Chapman on the conversation they had, and if the boss has any intentions of punishing Chambers at all.

Stay tuned to for more as this story develops.

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

HWE ShowDown Results, Jan. 16, 2019: Chambers crashes Silva's party

Just days after escaping with the HWE Championship, Alfonso Silva throws a championship celebration. But, with a pissed off Corey Chambers out for blood, Silva's plans for awry as he comes face-to-face with the man he screwed out of the Title.


Also on ShowDown:
- Ezra Jax defends his newly won International Title against Deelon Mack.
- Chris Jackson takes on Orlando Young
- Deep South Destruction come face-to-face with their new number-one contenders
- Connor Quinn takes his frustrations out on Todd Brown
- Much, much more

Sunday, 13 January 2019

HWE WrestleTopia Results, Jan. 13, 2019: Did Silva survive Chambers?

WrestleTopia was all about history, and for HWE Champion Alfonso Silva he wanted to make sure he didn't make history for the wrong reasons. Silva made his first defense of the HWE Championship against Corey Chambers in the main event, but did he manage to come away with the title he covets?

Also on WrestleTopia:
- Kenny Kidd, Ramsay Steele and Connor Quinn battled for a shot at the HWE Championship
- Ezra Jax looked to take the International Championship from Deelon Mack.
- Harley Clay defended her Women's Title against Livia
- 10-men battled for an International Title shot this Wednesday on ShowDown's world premiere.
- Tag Team Champions Deep South Destruction defended their titles against The Maxwells.
- Much, much more.

Monday, 7 January 2019

Kidd, Steele, and Quinn collide in #1 contenders match at WrestleTopia

Kenny Kidd, Ramsay Steele, and Connor Quinn will compete in a 3-way elimination match at WrestleTopia for an opportunity at the HWE Championship, can reveal.

The blockbuster contest was revealed by HWE President Oswald Chapman earlier today and will give both reigning HWE Champion Alfonso Silva and the man he defends his newly won championship against at WrestleTopia, Corey Chambers, something to consider as they battle over the title in the main event.

With these three larger than life personalities in the ring at the same time, WrestleTopia is bracing itself for a combustible situation. What will happen as these three do battle for a shot at the HWE Championship at HWE's inaugural televised event? Tune in to find out.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Harley Clay faces Livia as others clash for title shot at WrestleTopia

Harley Clay's historic reign as the first HWE Women's Champion will be under fire as she faces "The Brazilian Brawler" Livia in a rematch at HWE WrestleTopia on Jan. 13.

In their competitive Tournament Final match against Livia, The Princess of Pain would secure the victory and the championship with a roll-up (and an illegal handful of The Brazilian Brawler's tights). Although HWE President Oswald Chapman decided against overturning the referee's decision and strip Clay of the belt, he has mandated Livia receive an opportunity at Clay.

The only question is can Livia avoid any traps the cunning Clay may set to wrench the gold from her hands at WrestleTopia?

While Clay and Livia duke it out for the title, they'll both also have another potential challenger to worry about. It was revealed that Serena Bates, Yuku Teshima, Madison Hammer, and Kaida Sano will compete in a 4-way clash for a future opportunity at the Women's Champion, whomever that will be. With four elite athletes in the ring at one time, it's anybody's ball game. Who will earn a shot at the Women's Championship?

It's all to play for at WrestleTopia as the HWE women's division takes center stage in two epic encounters. HWE WrestleTopia comes your way Sunday, Jan. 13, streaming exclusively on HWE Network

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Alfonso Silva defends against Corey Chambers at WrestleTopia

HWE Champion Alfonso Silva will meet his first test at HWE WrestleTopia on Jan. 13, as Corey Chambers is named as his first challenger.

Silva's means of becoming HWE Champion were nefarious, to say the least, as he illegally used a steel chair to weaken Ryan Knight's knee in the Finals of a 16-man Tournament. Silva's vicious assault would leave Knight no choice but to submit to the sharpshooter later in the match and ultimately put Knight on the injured reserve list.

However, if thought he'd be let off without a title defense at WrestleTopia, he was wrong.

HWE President Oswald Chapman has exclusively told that he's named Corey Chambers as Silva's first number-one contender. Chambers will face The Embodiment of Excellence for the gold at HWE's first pay-per-view on Jan. 13.

Will Chambers take the gold from Silva? The only way to find out is to tune in to WrestleTopia on Sunday, Jan. 13, exclusively on the HWE Network.

Sunday, 30 December 2018

Deelon Mack and Deep South Destruction become champions

Brooklyn, N.Y. – In the second weekend of non-televised events, two first-ever champions were crowned as Deelon Mack and Deep South Destruction took home gold.

Jake Tarver and Johnny Fury, two rugged brawlers from Georgia, won an over-the-top-rope battle royal to capture the HWE Tag Team Championships. Tarver would eliminate Trent Maxwell with an illegal assist from Fury, who had been eliminated by the older Maxwells seconds beforehand.

While Deep South Destruction were handed the titles on this night, HWE President Oswald Chapman was on hand to reveal that The Maxwells would receive a rematch at the historic WrestleTopia pay-per-view on Jan. 13.

Meanwhile, has been informed that Cedric White & Evan Alexander and the Japanese trio DISORDER – who both scored an even number of eliminations in the battle royal – will fight it out at WrestleTopia for an opportunity to face the champions at a later date.

Following in Deep South Destruction's footsteps, Deelon Mack emerged from the weekend with the HWE International Championship. Mack survived a 16-man Tournament, with The Deacon of Destruction defeating EGP, Gafur Maari and, ultimately, Noah Prince to secure the historic accomplishment. understands that HWE President Oswald Chapman has already informed Mack that his first challenger will be "The Groundbreaker" Ezra Jax in a bout which is set for WrestleTopia.

Not only that, but a 10-man battle royal will also be held on the same night with the winner receiving an opportunity at the International Champion the following Wednesday on the premiere of HWE ShowDown. Prince, Maari, EGP will get a second swing at the title as they've been confirmed for the bout, along with Chris Jackson, Silas Sullivan, Ozerov, Cody Olson, Adam Stark, Orlando Young and Sanchez.

With that, all four HWE champions have been crowned and a plethora of must-see matches have been announced for WrestleTopia. Stay tuned to as more information on HWE's inaugural televised event becomes available.